Paisley J Photography

Life is beautiful. Capture it.

About September 3, 2012

My name is Jessica. I am a wife and also the proud mother of a sweet little girl named Paisley who has been the source of my  inspiration when it came to wanting to start my own photography business. (Thus the business name “Paisley J”)  I’ve always taken an interest in photography, beginning with taking some classes back in high school and have continued learning and improving my skills from that point.  Just prior to my daughter’s birth, my husband gave me my first DSLR camera as a Christmas gift knowing how important it was to me to be able to document our daughter growing up through photos. That camera has been the most precious gift to me. I’ve enjoyed being able to capture some great moments in my daughter’s first year and a half of life . I love how photos can say everything about a little one’s personality.

Over the past couple months, I started doing photo sessions for friends and families and really enjoyed the overall experience and decided I wanted to begin to pursue a career in photography. I have been extremely blessed to be a stay at home mom with our daughter and she first and foremost, is my number one priority. One thing I’ve learned with photography is that you NEVER stop learning and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I feel like I am learning more and more with each session I have and will strive to bring you the best photos possible!

While, I have enjoyed the variety of photography sessions I have been able to do, young children photography would have to be my favorite. My daughter is now a toddler and I am loving every minute of it. They learn and develop so much during this time and I enjoy capturing those moments in photos.

(Upper photo by Venture Photography and lower photo by Grace Kelly Photography)


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