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Here I Go… September 28, 2012

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Well, here I go…off to take on the photography world. While I certainly enjoy the photography end of this, taking care of the business end is a bit more of a daunting task. This past week, I’ve been preparing this blog/website to launch today (FINALLY!). I have to admit, I’m not that computer savvy, so there were a few times I was about ready to give up on this part but with a lot of help from Google and tutorials, I finally figured it out and at least have something somewhat presentable to show for it. I also have someone currently working on a logo for Paisley J Photography and am excited to unveil it to everyone once it is complete! 

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to doing a “double” birthday shoot for a brother and sister combo, who will be turning 3 years old anone year in October. It’s sure to be a fun time. Hopefully, I’ll have a sneak peek for you within a few days of the shoot. 

I’ve got quite a few sessions booked for the month of October so if you’re still considering your’s please book soon so I can get the date on my calendar. Also keep in mind for those of you who discussed Christmas card photos, that between shooting and editing, then ordering/processing cards that Christmas is really not that far away!

Until next time…